Implementing Observability in Node.js

After the excellent overview on Observability from Andrei Hawke in February 2023, this is a follow-up talk by Ashley Davis on implementing observability in a Node.js microservices project using open telemetry and Honeycomb.

Open telemetry can seem really complicated and overwhelming, but once you know what you need (with a bit of help from Honeycomb's SDK) it's actually quite easy to get a lot just from it just by integrating the Node.js automatic instrumentation.
We'll see how to integrate automatically distributed traces into our Node.js code and then how to find those traces in the Honeycomb UI.
We'll then learn the basics of creating spans, adding attributes and recording events and errors.

Resources mentioned in this talk:

- Example code:
- Honeycomb quickstart:
- Honeycomb training videos:
- OpenTelemetry bootcamp:
- OpenTelemetry docs:
- Andrei's talk on Observability:

Series: BrisJS

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